As most wonderful conspiracies, Familia Plómez was born during several conversations in several bars with the help of a lot of beer. Some type lovers decided to gather forces to start a printing shop in which our most sticky printing  dreams could become true. We also adopted the goal of teaching and fostering our knowledge on printing techniques, typography and whatever is related with the letter, printed, written or drawn. The idea was to attract attention to ancient print beyond those famous fancy letterpress out of focus videos with read haired hipsters covered with facial hair and tattoos. Why? What made us leave coziness of the digital world? Our is a trip back to the origins in the search of the beauty and basis of the letter. Enough of aseptic and lean lines!! We had been missing the tactile quality of a paper bitten by lead type, or the imperfect image of the wood type. Familia Plómez is here to bring back the old fashioned printing!

Who are we?

We are a mix of designers and good-for-nothings: Inés Atienza, Yago Bolívar, Eva de la Rocha, Fernando Fuentes, Roberto Gamonal,Nicolás García, Raquel García, Vero Gorri, Nacho Lambertini,  Juanjo López, Ramón Penela and Manuel Sesma.

¿What do we have?

We have been rescuing all kinds of printing machines and materials from the junkyard to the limit of our possibilities. Our most powerful machine is the 50×70 cm Korrex Berlin Special, brought from a german school. For smaller jobs we have a platen press DRIMP, found in the depths of an old stationery shop nearby Madrid. Reecently we have been blessed with two twin sisters: a 37x50cm FAG Standard and a little but cute Barcino platen press. We also have two Adanas and some proofpresses that help us spread the word whenever required. Our typographic arsenal is quite abundant right now with approximately 300 typefaces in lead and another 40 in wood. Special mention is required for our treasure: Joan Trochut’s Super Tipo Veloz.

La Korrex necesitó horas de limpieza para acabar con años de abandono